Why didn’t I think of that?

I received a nice compliment today, something I don’t see very often. The other day I was asked to design a poster for a race car driver, who is sponsored by the company that I do graphic design work for. So I put together a simple rough draft, and the next day the crew chief came by my office to see what I had done, and to give me a better idea of what he wanted. He showed me a couple of old posters that they had, and I was eager to get on with the fun part. So today I put it together as fancy as I could with the time that I had, and I tweaked and polished it up. Then the crew chief stopped by again to take a look. Now I’ve gotten kind of used to people exploding with excitement when they see my work, but his reaction was a little different. He said, “Wow, that’s really good, maybe you should be a graphic designer.” I didn’t say anything, but I couldn’t help thinking to myself, “Huh…??”

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