Who hast done this blasphemous thing

It seemed just like a regular Monday morning. I forced myself to get up, ate my cheerios, and drove in to work. I opened up my office, turned on my computer, and sat down. But something wasn’t right. Something was different. Something in the atmosphere was telling me that…that…my keyboard was a quarter inch from its usual spot. My computer speakers were turned in a different direction. My stapler, my tape dispenser, my phone, and my candy cane heart; all slightly out of place. One thing was clear; someone or something had been in my office. I started to move my pen holder about two inches back over to where I had it before, but something caught my eye. No! I couldn’t believe it. I wouldn’t believe it. My desk…….it was clean.


Damn those little cleaning elves!! heehee I can understand your shock, but luckily it happens to me every monday morning when the cleaning elves come in and my paper holder, business card holder, speakers, etc. are a little skewed. Don’t they understand that is an invasion of privacy?!? LOL

BTW Your photographs on the deviant website are awesome. Very original and makes you want to look at them a long time to find new perspectives. Keep up the good work!

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