When Donita says…

I understand my girlfriend a little better than she might think…

When Donita says: “You smell good.”
She really means: “I like the smell of the cologne that I got you.”

When Donita says: “I’m sorry.”
She really means: “It’s your fault.”

When Donita says: “I’m not cold.”
She really means: “Give me your jacket.”

When Donita says: “I’m fat.”
She really means: “It won’t kill you to tell me I’m beautiful once in a while.”

When Donita says: “I’m craving something sweet.”
She really means: “Buy me some chocolate and nobody gets hurt.”

When Donita says: “Well, I don’t want to bother you anymore.”
She really means: “Leave me alone already.”

When Donita says: “I love you.”
She really means: “I love you.”

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