Proof of Loserocity Vol 4

“The Geek”

One word: Geeky glasses. (I’m wearing them as I write this)

I wear a big, geeky digital watch.

I correct people’s spelling and grammar.

People always ask me to fix their computer and/or camera.

Hardly anyone I know graduated the same year I did.

I don’t have any friends, nor have I any enemies.

I often critisize normal people.

I answer to “hey geek” better then I answer to my own name.

I (/-\n 5p33|( 1337!!!!1111

Tonight was the Super Bowl and I still don’t even know who won. Heh, I don’t even know who was playing. The Steelers and who? Seriously, I have no clue.


What about me? Oh and it was the seatle. nice one. If you think they are geeky glasses why not just go off and get new ones? oh and the Patriots won. lol just to let you know. You don’t make fun of me so what are you talking about? I’ll try the hey geek some time just to see if you really do respond.

Why would I make fun of you? You’re the furthest thing from normal lol

On a similar note, I do too make fun of you!

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