Free the mints!

The best part of eating at Pizza Hut has always been the little peppermints you get after the meal. The sweet, round candies with an angelic flavor that leaves a fresh taste in your mouth. But the worst decision Pizza Hut has ever made was a while ago when they decided to switch out the peppermints with their wicked, evil twin, cinnamints. While virtually identical to peppermints, innocent and attractive on the outside, on the inside they are really strong and bitter. What’s even worse is that they have a thin, deceitful layer of peppermint to fool people into thinking that they’ve got the real thing. But as soon as the sugar-coated lie wears off and exposes the filth underneath, they see the malicious treat for what it really is and are immediately turned away. The once happy customer then leaves the restaurant unsatisfied and with a bad taste in their mouth.

We can’t let this go on. We must band together and fight the oppression of the cinnamints. Sign the petition and make a difference. Cinnamon mint is an oxymoron. Bring back the peppermints!


I love the cinnamints that they serve. The peppermints leave a not so tasty taste in my mouth. Ive been trying to find out how to order my own tasty cinnamints. If theres anyone out there who knows,please post the website.

We will not ban with you for a regular little peppermint. We absolutely love the cinnamon mints at Pizza Hut! I have looked high and low just to find these delicious mints! Unfortunately, a manager at Pizza Hut told us that their Head Parent company made them theirselves and they don’t sell them outside of Pizza Hut anywhere else… BOO! Bring on the real cinnamon mints from Pizza Hut! We want to buy them outside of Pizza Hut! Please Pizza Hut Company! Share your famous delicious mints!

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