Attack of the TP

For some reason I find a lot of toilet paper commercials very ironic. But I don’t mean the ones with the fluffy bears that sit behind the tree. I only find it ironic when they start fighting over who has the longest roll of toilet paper. Who really cares how long the roll is if the paper is so thin that it melts in your hand at the slightest hint of moisture. I shudder at the thought of it. When the moment of truth comes, depend on the fluffiest, thickest stuff you can find. Don’t fall prey to the cruel tricks of their evil marketing schemes.


Wow, that’s funny!
I did fall for their ‘evil scheme’ recently and now regret it!

lol, again…funny entry!

Sorry about the mess? Brudda, if you could even see my thoughts, you would screem … Gotta lotta say. I was only a naïve 19 when I began… and finished my novel with a plethora of extremely helpful insights which you may have not yet realized; engrossing wit, sardonic satire; and basically straight-forward-Jesus that’d make anyone cognizant this is only a test of our Finite Existence. For we alone decide which Eternity to go to, Upstairs or DownTown, because we alone have free-choice. Thus, God Almighty respects U.S. when we arrive at the Final Judgment because sHe loves U.S.

Phazers on stun. I talk of a Heavenly Scent, an ardent desire with the whiff of a definite locale, while I bolster the mean, Great Beyond with the passion of a magnanimous madman: Full of some gorgeous, panoramic, tall-true-tales making U.S. yearn and sigh for Heaven Above; A novel of short-stories, quotes, prayers, poetry, hardcore-heartbreaking-hilarity, aggressive conundrums, Salvador-Dali-homily, and some savvy-MHz, avant-garde, Phat-Boy-Christianity from a severely, head-injured Catholic you might call crazy. That’s, uh, all very well-N-good… but, yet, who ever said YOU were sane? Touché? After this is all over, I expect Him to edit my theoretical cranium. I seeeriously doubt He will, though. Jesus loves the crazies who aren’t necessarily conformed by what others think about 7th Heaven.

What you’ll find in my wonderful, fruitFULL, dynamic novel is an indelible treasure, unlike any other in the known cosmos. It’s by moi. And I’m one-of-a-kind. Not bragging, brudda. He threw away the mold. ONE o’me is plenty HeeHee If you decide to read this baroque script, get in touch with my CPA, Edward Foree, at 1-785-266-9111. Out this month. Poifect for X-mass, evangelism, and/or just to curl-up!


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