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Sign here please

Need some moe fencing?
Moe Fencing


Which way to the full parking lot?
Semi Parking Lot


Am I the only one who’s afraid to park here?
No Parking Any Time

Dancing wet floor man

Dancing wet floor man

I’m sure you’ve seen him around; the little hip dude on a yellow sign breakin’ out some moves. He may be small, but he sure gets around. The guy is everywhere. And he’s always dancing.

Every time I see him, people always drop and pull some break dance moves. You’d almost think the floor was slippery or something.

Please walk in

Okay, so I was in this weird looking building, looking at this weird looking door with a weird looking sign that said “PLEASE WALK IN.” I stared at it for a moment, slightly confused, but I decided to do the courteous thing and obey the sign. So I walked up to the door and reached for the doorknob, but it was locked. And then I was even more confused. Why would they ask me to walk in the door and then not let me in? It really bugged me, and it completely ruined my whole day.