We have lost contact with the mothership

Putting in my contact lenses this morning, I was forced to wonder why they make contact lenses clear. I was forced by the fact that I dropped one of them and couldn’t find it. How can they expect people to see a transparent contact lens after they take it out? I mean, seriously, people wear contacts for a reason. (They can’t see without them.) Why not make them blaze orange or something. And definitely not transparent. Those things are expensive, and it hurts to lose one. I even cried, but I’m not sure if it was because I couldn’t find it, or if it was from shoving my finger into my eye. I did find it, by the way. It was stuck to my face.


ya know….mine are tinted blue….

you didn’t go to homestead high school did you? you look strangely familiar.

yeah you know there is a reason why they are tinted a different color so that when you lose them you can find them again. What kinda person are you that gets clear contacts without the tint? What a freak.

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