The Foundry

It’s pretty obvious that a photography studio room with three 600 watt halogen lights and no ventilation is going to be pretty hot. I don’t mind it; in fact, I usually tolerate extremes pretty well. But I wanted to find out just how hot it gets in there. So this morning as I was in the studio, I brought with me a thermometer and recorded the temperatures at several minute intervals, starting when I first turned on the lights. Here is what I came up with:

10:45am: 75 degrees F

10:49am: 83 degrees F

10:52am: 94 degrees F

10:56am: 99 degrees F

11:00am: 101 degrees F

11:04am: 105 degrees F

11:11am: 110 degrees F

11:20am: 115 degrees F


Wow, that is definetly hot. I’m suprised the room escalted so quickly to be that hot! :O

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