Krispy Skreme

I usually take the opposing side on most arguments, so I’m going to take this opportunity to explain how much I hate Krispy Kreme donuts. First of all, it really bugs me when things get my hands dirty, and this emotion is multiplied if my hands get sticky as well. The whole selling point for M&M’s was that they don’t melt in your hand, so take a hint Krispy Kreme. Secondly, if the frosting isn’t melting, it’s crumbling. You have to constantly set the donut down and pick up the crumbs before reaching for the donut again and repeating the cycle. And finally, in the presence of a Krispy Kreme your time is completely consumed by either attempting to control the urge to grab one (or two or three), or inevitably the fact that they just taste so good.


Ok, so you only hate them because they are messy?

But you do like how they taste right?

You are a weirdo!!!

hey Josh,
you won’t have to worry about Krispy Kremes because they are no longer in La Crosse. which means you probably won’t see to many around.

Are you serious, they closed down?

And I will most definitely still see them around, because the people that I word with are crazy about them and will do whatever it takes to get them.

Yes, the people you work with are crazy about them…one of them happens to be a Chapman. Go figure.

James broke ‘the bad news’ (i.e. Krispy Kreme going bye-bye in the midwest) to my dad and me last Friday. You may have heard us weeping in the office. How is it that these little doughnuts have such a significant place in our hearts and mouths?!? Krispy Kreme…is…going under. *tear*

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