Jury duty

I woke up this morning, shoved down some leftover pizza from the night before, and ran to the courthouse cuz I didn’t want to be late and get my mouth stuffed with fines. I stumbled around the courthouse trying to figure out where I’m supposed to go until I finally found the Bailiff and signed in. I walked into the courtroom and started looking unsuccessfully for a place to sit. I felt like Chicken Little trying to find a seat on the bus. I stood and watched people staring at me until finally somebody scooched over and I sat down. I then proceeded to wait…and wait…and wait, while the whole time I was unconsciously singing “Jury Duty” by the O.C. Supertones in my head. With all that spare time to do nothing, my mind was racing as usual. I couldn’t remember the judge’s name, even though it was written on the summons. So I looked over at the judge’s bench and I saw a typical looking office nameplate which read “SILENCE.” Interesting name, I thought. Then Judge Silence came in and we did the whole “all rise” thing and the oaths and they started calling up jurors to sit in the jury box until all the seats were filled and I was left in the back. It gave me flashbacks of when I used to play basketball with friends and I never got picked.

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