I think it’s about time I wrote a blog post about how much I hate cell phones. Everybody writes one at one time or another. If anybody thinks they have cell phone problems, think again. Don’t even think about complaining about how your phone won’t let you change the wallpaper until you’ve read about all the grievances my phone has put me through. My phone will randomly and unexplainably turn off and discharge the battery, rendering the phone useless and unusable until the battery is recharged. I have no cell phone service many places I frequently go, including my own home. Half of the buttons on the keypad won’t light up, and the other half won’t work until you push them at least twice. And I even need a screwdriver to change the faceplate. All that and much more, including not playing the ringtone that I select.


That’s not fun to have a cell phone that seems like junk! :O I don’t have one yet. hehe…well maybe I will see you when I go with my dad to work :)

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