A box of relief

Doing my business in the local human waste facility today, I was racking my brain trying to think of something to blog about when I unconsciously found myself staring at this little orange box. Written all over the box was the phrase, “12 hour relief.” The first question that went through my mind was, “How do they put relief in a box?” Immediately following this question was, “If indeed they can put relief in a box, how do they fit it in a box that small?” After contemplating this concept for a while, I thought about all the stress of life, all the aching hearts in the world, and all the pain and humiliation of admitting that I’m not as bright as some people. And not to mention hurricane relief. Wouldn’t it be cool if all this could be relieved by what was inside this small, orange box, if only for 12 hours? I went in for a closer look to find out how it worked, but was disappointed when I saw the picture of a dude rubbing his back where there was a small heat pack relieving his back pain.

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