Advances in web technology have enabled features that used to require multiple images, complex JavaScript, or Adobe Flash to be done with only a few lines of code. Websites that take advantage of these new standards are able to load faster and display more consistently across various browsers.


HTML5 is the latest iteration of the primary language of the internet, HTML. The new standards allow web browsers and search engines to better understand what certain elements are for, and how to present them in a way that makes sense. New semantic tags like <header><footer>, and <article> empower the developer to more easily navigate a website’s source code. HTML5’s new multimedia elements enable audio and video elements to play without unnecessary plugins.


CSS controls the aesthetic of a website by defining aspects such as colors, fonts, and layout. The newest evolution adds tremendous capabilities like animation, gradients, shadows, and other effects. Things that once required the use of large images, tedious code, or insecure plug-ins, can be done easily without increasing page load times. CSS3 allows for much finer control over the layout of page elements, facilitating painless implementation of responsive web design.

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