Replace your default computer cursor with these futuristic animated cursors.

Dimension Cursors  |   Download

Dimension Cursors ScreenshotDive into a deep, dark dimension, where you’ll encounter intense angles and glassy gradients, and you’ll wonder why you used that boring white arrow for so long.

Xeonyx Cursors  |   Download

Xeonyx Cursors ScreenshotGlowing orange with the energy from another galaxy! An extremely smooth modern cursor theme with curvy edges and soft gradients.

Blade Cursors  |   Download

Blade Cursors ScreenshotA super-sharp chrome plated cursor set with eight animated cursors. Complete with sci-fi shapes and dangerous looks. Careful, don’t cut yourself!

Simplicated Cursors  |   Download

Simplicated Cursors ScreenshotSimple, and yet complicated. A modern cursor theme with angular shapes and colored indicators. Bring out the heavy artillery with these mean looking cursors.

Platinum Cursors  |   Download

Platinum Cursors ScreenshotPlatinum is one of the rarest and most precious of all metals. Why not use it as your cursor skin? With futuristic textured shapes and innovative animation, Platinum Cursors is a rare find.

Mechnesium Cursors  |   Download

Mechnesium Cursors ScreenshotMechnesium. A new element? No, a new revolution in cursor animation, creating an amazing transition from the normal cursor to a function cursor.