Platinum Cursors

Platinum is one of the most rare and precious of all metals. Why not use it as your cursor skin? With futuristic textured shapes and innovative animation, Platinum Cursors is a rare find.

“This is the coolest, most original cursor ever.”

“Very nice. Not enough people making cursor sets. I like how most of the animated cursors only cycle once. That’s really different.”

“I like the way it looks and moves like a machine. It’s compact, smooth, and aesthetically pleasing.

“Love this cursor set. Every so often I’ll go out to or and look for new cursors, but I somehow always end up going back to yours. It’s simple, yet elegant, and not gigantic like some cursors. Excellent job.”

“I have been using this cursor for years.”

“Indeed very smooth and very cool. I especially love how it always has a piece of the original pointer cursor, just plus or minus some “parts”. The animations for various things also extremely pleasing.” Editor's Pick
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