Craft, inspect, and preview HTML on the go in real time with a sleek, minimalist interface. MarkupMate empowers you to code efficiently online or offline, allowing you to collapse or expand your workspace and toggle between vertical and horizontal layouts.

Install it just like any other app, and use it even while offline!

  • Real-time Editing: Edit HTML code and see changes instantly with a live preview.
  • Minimalist Interface: Enjoy a clean and intuitive workspace for distraction-free coding.
  • Syntax Highlighting: Benefit from syntax highlighting for improved code readability.
  • Toggle Layouts: Easily switch between vertical and horizontal editor layouts for flexibility.
  • Collapse/Expand: Maximize or minimize the editor frame with a single click for a customized view.
  • Responsive Design: Preview your HTML code in a responsive manner for various screen sizes.
  • Copy Code: Copy your HTML code with a quick click, streamlining your workflow.