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Kristina Rupp, millerrupp Public Relations

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Cal Burchett, McKay-Burchett & Co.

“I dig it Josh. Carry on my man!!!!! You are doing great.”

Matt Dhority

“That looks great! I showed Mary Beth and we both really like it! You are awesome! I love everything about the setup! It looks so good! You’re doing such a great job! The phone version is the bomb dot com as well!”

Jeff M.

“I think the new site looks great. I also just opened it on my phone and it has a good mobile look as well.”

Joshua A.

“Wow! I like – great job!”

Randy W.

“Great site template very clean and modern great work.”

Philip Rowell

“I love what I see in both content, usability, and intuitive design.”

Brian Y.

“That’s pretty stinking sweet! I know you said it’s just a mockup but it’s looking great so far. It really is looking good. Thank you so much for working on this for me! It’s awesome!”

Leah W.

“Professional and attentive to customer needs and change requests.”

Nathan Griffy

“The website you created is very functional and you did a great job. In a world where promises made by people aren’t normally kept, you came through, just as you said you would.”

Darrin Vieth, HAAS

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