The hilarious comments from those who have been pranked by the Forever Loading Website.

"is it just an infinite loading screen or is there actually a game, I feel like I've been trolled."

"The link you submitted is not loading well it keeps on rotating 360 degrees for an hour without any information coming up."

"It loaded to me for the very first time and then I gave you the estimates. However it's not loading now, may be some server load issues from their end."

"I don't know what's happening. It is showing buffering nothing else."

"The link is not open up, I tried different browsers but it keeps loading, It was same yesterday thats why I waited for link to work. Do you another link for live website?"

"The website link is not opening... can you please check....."

"I am not able to open your website."

"I afraid the link also keeps loading without any results."

"We have tried to several time to check the website but could not check as it is not working fine."

"Oh my that may be the single most stressfull website on the internet."

"Its loading but cant able to view the page."

"What could happen with the repeal of #NetNeutrality? See below, or click here: https://photricity.com/flw/ajax/"

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