"The link you submitted is not loading well it keeps on rotating 360 degrees for an hour without any information coming up."
-Lambert from Chicago

"It loaded to me for the very first time and then I gave you the estimates. However it's not loading now, may be some server load issues from their end."
-Alen from India

"I don't know what's happening. It is showing buffering nothing else."
-Sagar from India

"The link is not open up, I tried different browsers but it keeps loading, It was same yesterday thats why I waited for link to work. Do you another link for live website?"
-Pardeep from UK

"The website link is not opening... can you please check....."
-Celina from India

"I am not able to open your website."
-Sheldon from Georgia

"I afraid the link also keeps loading without any results."
-Harry from Thailand

"We have tried to several time to check the website but could not check as it is not working fine."
-Anurag from India

"Oh my that may be the single most stressfull website on the internet."
-RazorSky from North Dakota

"Its loading but cant able to view the page."
-Ben from India

"What could happen with the repeal of #NetNeutrality? See below, or click here: https://photricity.com/flw/ajax/"

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