My wife and I decided we’d like to get some new pictures of the two of us. Of course, me being a photographer, I grabbed my tripod and remote control and did it myself. We had fun and I felt like we got some good pictures. But when I loaded them onto my computer and started flipping through them, I puked a little. One side of all the pictures was beautiful and radiant, while the other side resembled a retarded rat that was hit by a truck and knocked into a barrel of toxic waste.

But towards the end I reached a photo that looked surprisingly good. It’s hard to understand why. Everything about the shot was wrong. It was an accidental exposure and it was very out of focus. I think the thing that makes the picture work so well is the visibility of certain elements of the subject. Have a look for yourself.

Josh & Donita Meyer

Now if you’re thinking that I’m just being modest and the rest of the pictures actually looked good, bear in mind that you didn’t see the other pictures. Pray you never will.