I’m Going to Buy my Dream Car Using Only Swagbucks

A dream car is one of those things that’s hard to justify spending your living on. My solution: earn little by little completing tasks on Swagbucks, and save it up over time (lots of time) to eventually pay for the car of my dreams.

I’ll be posting progress updates on this blog, as well as more details about my Swagbucks earnings and Robinhood investments.


Swagbucks is a place where you can earn real money for doing things like filling out surveys, completing offers, even for just watching videos or playing games! You can also earn pretty decent cashback rewards for your online shopping. Your earnings can be cashed out into a wide variety of gift cards (sometimes for an additional discount) like Amazon, Walmart, or a Visa Prepaid Card. Or you can have your SB sent straight to your PayPal account, as I do, so I can transfer it to my Robinhood investment account and save it up for something bigger than just a free toaster!

Investing with Robinhood

Robinhood Investment Growth

To help me reach my goal faster, I am investing my earnings in stocks and cryptocurrencies with Robinhood. Robinhood is a modern trading platform that doesn’t charge any commissions for trades. This will make it much easier and more profitable for me to work with smaller amounts. I am very new to the stock market, but using the basic principles of buying low and selling high I’m hoping that I can earn a significant return on investment. So far, the results have been very promising!

The Swagmobile

The two ultimate bullet points for my “dream car” are, #1: Fully Electric, and #2: Self-Driving. Everything else is nice, but negotiable.

Right now, the car that fits the bill is the Tesla Model 3. I’ve been a big fan of Tesla since they released their first roadster. It’s a huge dream of mine to own an electric car, and I believe Tesla is the best at this. The Model 3 is their most affordable car yet, starting at (only) $35,000 for the base model. Adding fully self-driving capability will add another $8,000 to the price. The prices can and definitely will change by the time I’m ready to order, and it’s anyone’s guess what the tax incentives will be at that time. So for now I am loosely setting my goal at $40,000.

Is This Possible?

I joined Swagbucks exactly 2 months ago. In that time I’ve earned 24,239 SB (the Swagbucks equivalent of $242). At that pace, it would take me almost 30 years to reach my goal!

However, if my investments and trades do well, it should significantly bring that time down. And you can even help! If you join Swagbucks with my referral link, I will make a 10% commission on all of your earnings for life. (And you also get a nice bonus for signing up!) If I can get only 10 active people to join Swagbucks, that could potentially save me 15 years!

If you’re interested in investing, you can also join Robinhood with my referral link and we both will get a free stock!

So I encourage you to join Swagbucks and Robinhood and start your own goal! If your dream car sounds like too lofty of a goal, try something more manageable, like a new pair of shoes. Or take it to a whole different level and aim for a house! Let’s find out what’s possible with a little bit of work and a whole lot of patience!