Ads are the main source of income for many websites, but understandably most users are turned away by ads and/or block them altogether. And, of course, the ads that make the most money are also the most annoying! From interstitials that pop up in your face to flashy animations that distract from your content and slow down your site’s performance, certainly there’s a better way.

JSEcoin - JavaScript Embedded CryptocurrencyThat’s the mission behind JSEcoin, a new cryptocurrency coin and platform designed specifically for the web. Visitors to your site can choose to opt-in or opt-out to running a mining script that helps to power the blockchain behind the coin. This small JavaScript is no more intensive than a simple YouTube video, and won’t degrade the performance of your website or the user’s device. The more unique visitors and opt-ins you receive, the more you earn. The coins, of course, can be traded for standard currencies like US Dollars, or for other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

You can also run the JSEcoin mining platform in your own browser, so you can earn money while you sleep! (Learn more about how mining works.)

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Disclaimer: the links on this page contain a referral code, which pays me a few coins for each person who signs up. Just one more way that you can earn money with JSEcoin!